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Fila selects 89 Degrees to develop email marketing plan

Athletic apparel and footwear company Fila has appointed marketing solutions firm 89 Degrees to develop an email marketing strategy, said Lauren Mallon, global marketing manager for Fila. 89 Degrees will work with Demandware, the e-commerce solutions provider Fila hired in July 2010, and SEO/SEM provider Adept Marketing.

“After a year of working with Demandware and experiencing the second year of 90% growth, year-on-year, in sales for Fila.com, we thought it was time to re-examine how we do email marketing,” Mallon said.

As part of the email marketing plan, 89 Degrees will switch Fila from email service provider Vertical Response to ExactTarget. Arthur Sweetser, CMO for 89 Degrees, said the reason for the switch is because ExactTarget is the provider 89 Degrees uses.

“Fila is significantly expanding the types of messages they’re sending, and rolling them out on a development basis,” Sweetser said.

The email marketing plan will include lifecycle programs, which Sweetser said means deploying emails for all consumer stages, including welcome emails, emails thanking consumers for enrolling, purchasing items, click behavior and special offers.

The plan will also include data acquisition from customers, developing more creative templates for the emails, testing plans and support. It will also include new media components such as Facebook, Twitter and sharing through Pinterest, Mallon said.

“It’s important to save our customers the most precious commodity, which is time, and target relevant offers to the right consumer,” Mallon said as motivation for developing a new email marketing plan.

Sweetser said Fila is also looking to double its email list by this time next year.

“It’s important to save our customer’s the most precious commodity, which is time and target relevant offers to right consumer,” Mallon said.

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