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Fifteen Ways to Improve Your Keywords

There is more to keywords than just bidding. Use these techniques to get more clicks and better clicks out of your paid search campaigns:

Insert the keyword in the title

Inserting the keyword in the title makes the ad more relevant. This trick instantly makes your ad pop as being “what I searched for.”

Insert the keywords in ad description

Produces the same effect as above. Caution: Don’t dumb the ad down with this technique.

Put the price or price range in the title

Not all searchers are buyers. Some are browsing or researching. Pricing the title grabs the buying segment by the eyeballs. If you can’t put a specific price, use a price range (e.g. printers $99-$299, plasma TVs under $600).

Make it local

Put local keywords in the title where applicable and rivet the attention of people in that market seeking your service (e.g. atlanta roofing estimate)

Put your company name in title (i.e. Shop shoes at Payless)

For known brands this makes the clickers feel more comfortable and convert better.

Get more clicks by lowering your bid

Bids on the right rail can be 50 percent cheaper than positions 1 to 3. Going to the right rail can get you twice as many clicks for your budget.

Initial-capitalize the URL to stand out

For example, www.BenniesShoes.com.

Buy plurals of keywords on exact match

Buy all the appropriate plurals of your exact-matched keywords to get better coverage (Google and MSN)

Buy misspellings of keywords

The price is often cheaper and there will be fewer competitor ads showing.

Use Negative matching

If you’re selling airfare on Delta Air Lines, you do not want Delta Faucets searchers to drain your clicks.

Drive clicks to your stores

Using Google Local will show people your store locations. (see local.google.com).

Land product clicks on a selection of products instead of a single SKU

If you drill them into a single product page, they will usually not convert as well because they have their bearings.

Use iterating to get all relevant keywords on exact match

For example, digital copier, digital laser copier, digital color copier. Greater specificity with “tail terms” convert better.

Use day-parting to increase conversions

Try putting your ads up Monday through Thursday and taking them down the rest of the week. Usually this will greatly improve performance.

Use “Free” to jack up the clicks

Use “free shipping” for products or “free information” for a lead generation offer. Put this in the search ad and see the volume shoot up.

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