FEDMA Creates Direct Marketing Postal Best Practices Database

The Federation of European Direct & Interactive Marketing, said yesterday that it has developed a best practices database to promote mail use in Europe.

The database was created as part of the ACTIN project (Acquis Communautaire Training Initiatives), which FEDMA has worked on for the past year with 12 European postal operators and other parties.

The European Union-funded project was created to improve the skills of postal operators in the new EU member states and candidate countries. In May 2004, the EU welcomed 10 new countries — Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia — bringing the total to 25. Candidate countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Turkey.

For the project, FEDMA set up a database of “Direct Mailing Best Practices,” which includes more than 100 postal best practices. The database provides an overview of how international postal operators have streamlined their internal processes and showcases what services they offer their customers. It also shows how they promote the international direct mail industry as a whole. The database is based on the premise of sharing knowledge so users can learn from others' practices and experience.

The database is available on CD and on the project Web site at www.actinproject.org.

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