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Fashion Chatter Is About to Take Over Social Media

With New York Fashion Week looming, social chatter about fashion and fashion brands will see a marked increase this week, perhaps even more so than it has in the weeks leading up to the semi-annual event. Social engagement with fashion brands—particularly Victoria’s Secret, Forever21, and H&M—saw sharp spikes during the last month or so, according to social listening data compiled by customer engagement platform Engagor.

Between December 29 and January 22, Victoria’s Secret’s brand was mentioned almost 3.5 million times; nearly double Forever21’s 1.8 million mentions during the same period, and more than five times H&M’s 651,000.

The data ranked Victoria’s Secret as the most engaging fashion brand in the past month. H&M and Banana Republic rounded out the top three most engaging brands. This was a feat for Banana Republic, given its 71,000 social mentions in the past 30 days or so.  Most of this social chatter took place on Instagram, with more than 6.3 million mentions occurring on the picture-based social network. Facebook and Twitter split the rest of the social mentions, with 1.4 million taking place on Facebook, and 204,000 happening on Twitter.

At 61%, Banana Republic chatter contained the most positive sentiment, with H&M and Kate Spade not far off at 57%.

This whirlwind of social chatter has been largely contained on mobile, with just 19% occurring over the traditional Web.

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