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Facebook will now use direct user feedback to stop showing low quality or offensive ads

Facebook is taking a much more direct approach for ad targeting, its simply going to ask you why you didn’t like an ad.

People always had the option to hide an ad from their timeline if they didn’t like it. Facebook is taking it a step further by now asking you exactly why you don’t want to see a particular ad. It will then use that info to tailor the next stream of ads you see.

In a blog post, Facebook product manager Max Eulenstein wrote:

“We’ve learned that the reason why someone hides an ad can be just as important as the hide itself. If someone doesn’t want to see an ad because it’s not relevant to them, we know we didn’t do a great job choosing that ad and we need to improve. If someone doesn’t want to see an ad because it’s offensive, it probably isn’t a good ad for other people on Facebook, either.”

So now, if you see an ad in your timeline that you don’t like, you can click on the type right corner and choose to have it hidden. But before that, you’ll see the following options:

Facebook also says it will pay more attention to the feedback from users who don’t usually hide ads from their timelines, since they’ll usually have a stronger reaction to an ad they don’t want to see. In this way, Facebook hopes to keep ads relevant and in harmony with the rest of the user experience.

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