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Facebook Slideshow Announces New Features, Marketing Possibilities

Brands and marketers will now be able to create Facebook Slideshow ads from their mobile devices, according to a company post.

Facebook Slideshow, which launched an ad format a year ago, will include text and music features to create the ad. In addition, the program will integrate a stock image database and Pages Photo Library with Slideshow ads, giving marketers the opportunity to utilize stock images, photos from their company Pages or upload new images.

“Although slideshow was created to allow advertisers to use video-like ads in areas with slow connections, it’s become a great asset for large and small businesses around the world who want an easy, cost-effective way to showcase products and tell their brand story,” said the Facebook post. “Slideshows can be created in just minutes with little or no production costs and are more engaging than still image ads.”

Facebook garners 78 percent of advertising revenue through mobile ads.

With the new features and accessibility, Facebook Slideshow is bound to increase this percentage with by giving a platform to the 50 million active business Pages and 2.5 million paying “active advertisers.”

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