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Facebook Messenger Ads Beta Opens Globally

Facebook will begin rolling out its ads platform for Messenger to businesses around the world starting today.

With more than a billion monthly users, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chat apps on the market, and also happens to be one of the main hubs for mobile chatbots and live streaming.

Marketers will soon be able to serve ads in the Home tab of the Messenger app with this expansion of the ads beta program. Users who tap the ads are sent to either a link of the marketer’s choosing, or a Messenger conversation, whichever was chosen during the creation of the ad. Initially, marketers can use single image and carousel ad formats, but Facebook will add more formats as the program matures, and eventually releases fully.

A subset of advertisers can already access Messenger ads using Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor, but the program will roll out to all advertisers within the coming weeks, according to a press release.

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