Facebook just made it easier for brands to run promotions on it

In another business friendly move, Facebook has gotten rid of the app requirement for companies looking to run promotions on its platform. Businesses can now create and administer promotions through their page on Facebook, without having to use an app, as was previously required.

Actions that were previously not allowed are now permitted under the new Facebook Page Terms.  For example, businesses can now:

– Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post

– Collect entries by having users message the Page

– Utilize likes as a voting mechanism

However, companies still can’t administer promotions on personal timelines. They’ve also been prohibited from running promotions where users tag themselves in pictures they aren’t actually in, (such as new product pictures) in order to win a prize. 

Facebook is hoping this will increase revenues as it should now be easier for companies to run quick and effective promotions through Promoted posts or Page ads that will show up on the Newsfeeds of those who “like” the company.

However, it does mean a lot of advertising apps such as Voitigo, Woobox, Offerpop and Google-owned Wildfire will see reduced business, although larger companies may choose to stick with them.



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