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Facebook is now offering video ads in seven other countries outside the US

Reuters reports that Facebook is taking its video ads product international, introducing it to seven countries outside the US.

It’s only been a few weeks since we started seeing video ads on Facebook, although they were in test phase since October last year. Facebook is betting on video ads in a big way, with rumors that its charging rates comparable to TV advertising. 

Since the successful roll-out, Facebook is broadening its horizons by offering video ads to brands in other countries. Starting next month, it will work with a limited group of advertisers in France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia and Britain.

The big push for international advertisers isn’t without a few restrictions. However it’s a smart play by Facebook, especially ahead of the advertising frenzy that will be the football World Cup next month. Reuters reports:

Each ad must pass a quality-control test that Facebook administers in conjunction with video analytics firm Ace Metrix.

Most of the commercials in international markets will not appear on Facebook’s website until September, as the Internet company spends several months working closely with marketers to ensure that the spots meet its quality standards, a Facebook spokesman told Reuters.

But he said that companies whose commercials are deemed acceptable could begin airing them on Facebook in June, in time for the World Cup international soccer tournament, a popular event for brand advertisers.

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