Facebook integrates Live Search

Facebook has integrated Microsoft’s Live Search into its user interface.

US Facebook users now have the option to search Facebook or the Web using Microsoft’s offering, in the toolbar at the top of Facebook pages, without leaving the site. Additionally, AdCenter will deliver ads to run alongside search results.

When a user sees search results, there also is an option to do an advanced search, which will open Live.com in a new window.

“These are just a couple of examples of how search can improve your ability to find and share what is most relevant to you and those around you,” said Leah Pearlman, project manager for Facebook ads, on its official blog. “We think there is the potential for much more, and we’re working on a number of other new ways to leverage all the Web has to offer.”

Last October, Microsoft took a $240 million equity stake in Facebook, which currently has more than 110 million active users. Microsoft has been providing Facebook ads since August 2006.

According to ComScore Microsoft had 8.3% of the search market share in August, compared with Google’s 63% and Yahoo’s 19.6%.

“This implementation is not expected to impact Live Search market share,” a Microsoft spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to DMNews. “Syndicated search deals, which are common in the industry, are typically excluded from market share volume tracking.”

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