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Extole launches next generation C2C social marketing platform

Consumer-to-consumer social marketing software provider Extole announced July 17 the launch of its next generation C2C platform, says Angela Bandlow, VP of marketing at Extole.

The revamped suite includes full support for Facebook Open Graph, new social expressions and more advanced social analytics, according to a company release.

The Facebook Open Graph enablement allows brands to utilize consumer stories that are then broadcasted across Facebook to the consumers and to their friends’ timelines and newsfeeds.

“The Facebook Open Graph system gives consumers the opportunity to tell their story, which brands can now do at scale,” Bandlow says.

Extole’s social expressions tool gives users the ability to move beyond the catchall of “like” to create their own custom verbs, such as “want” “crave” and “need,” Bandlow notes. The advanced social analytics tool provides ROI information to brands, according to Extole’s release.

“Our goal is to tie in website with social channels and customer communications,” Bandlow says. “Our new thing is social expression, but any customers can take advantage of our platform.”

Extole has a customer base of over 250 brands. The company worked with companies such as T-Mobile, Vogue, and Folica during a roughly four month beta period, says Bandlow. “During this time we were able to find what was working and what wasn’t based on their feedback.”

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