Extendedcare.com, SurePayroll.com Form Marketing Alliance

Extendedcare.com, Northbrook, IL, has entered into a partnership with SurePayroll.com, Highland Park, IL, to market and promote SurePayroll.com's online payroll service through its ExtendedCare Provider Access product and its ECP direct sales force, the company said yesterday. Extendedcare is an online information resource for hospitals, extended-care provider (ECPs), and consumers.

The alliance will enable extendedcare.com to deliver an Internet-based solution to its ECP customers that it says will significantly reduce their payroll processing costs and create improved operating efficiencies.

Under the agreement, extendedcare.com will As part of extendedcare.com's strategy to provide e-business services through its ProviderAccess product, extendedcare.com and SurePayroll.com will work together to develop a co-branded “e-payroll center.”

“SurePayroll.com is proud to be partnered with extendedcare.com,” Michael Alter, senior vice president at Sure Payroll.com, said in a statement.

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