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Experian QAS launches address validation for mobile devices

Experian QAS, part of Experian Marketing Services, July 26 launched online address validation optimized for mobile devices, says Beatriz Santin, senior director of product and marketing at Experian QAS.

“Every time we give a person the ability to give us data, there’s a possibility of error,” Santin says.  “With smart phones, specifically, the screen is smaller and we haven’t done as much of it yet.” Part of the issue, she says, is that customers are very comfortable and used to entering their information into computers, but are less comfortable doing so on mobile devices.

The goal is to decrease the number of customers who get dropped from the database because of incorrect information, she says. “The customers that we have are wondering what the best ways are to increase conversions and decrease drop off,” adding that diminishing customer drop off rates is the goal of the technology.

Many of Experian QAS’ retail clients are currently using the technology, she says. Although what data is most important varies from project to project and from company to company, she says that verifying a customers phone number and email address are key to building an effective database for use in shipping and direct marketing.

Experian QAS already offers customer authentication technology for computers, she says. But, Experian QAS customers have been clamoring for these technologies for mobile devices, she says, so the company developed them.

 “We’ve been hearing from our customers in the market that a lot of the data capture is also going that way,” Santin says.

The announcement was made concurrently with the Experian Marketing Services’ Digital Summit at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

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