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Experian promotes the process

Experian Marketing Services made public at DMA•05 in Atlanta its new multichannel positioning after the company concluded a series of acquisitions in the e-mail, addressing, research and analytics space. This year at DMA•06, the emphasis is on new investments and improvements.

The Costa Mesa, CA, company plans to draw attention to items including the launch of the Real-Time Marketing solution, the enhanced Z24 and b2bBase cooperative databases as well as the development of a self-service list fulfillment tool. It also launched VeriScore for financial services.

“Last year’s mission at the show was to unveil a new position — our multichannel presence — and this year it’s ‘people, process, technologies and services,'” said Rick Erwin, Schaumburg, IL-based senior vice president of marketing and product development at Experian Marketing Services.

Experian executives at DMA•06 in San Francisco wish to illustrate the investment in next-generation technology brought to market.

Other developments for unveiling at the show include industry offerings created based on Experian’s MarketOne platform and the next version 1.2 of the Prospectvue prospecting solution as well as the midmarket multichannel customer management solution.

Also new is the integration of Experian experts in circulation and site location planning and multichannel optimization into a group called insight strategists.

“Our insight strategists will help clients understand why it happened, how it happened and what they should do next with what they’ve seen happen with their recent campaign,” Mr. Erwin said. “We’re an extension of the client services department.”

Promoting Prospectvue is a top initiative at this show.

“This tool is important because it helps prioritize the buy-ready customers that come into the site, and that’s important given the constraints companies have given their resources,” said Chandos Quill, vice president of marketing at Experian Marketing Services.

Experian’s messaging reflects the need for real-time marketing.

“More and more today our marketing clients are finding that their marketing plans are becoming more online marketing plans and more and more inbound — consumers are coming to our clients,” Mr. Erwin said. “The consumers are now coming to our clients as buy-ready.”

Like last year, Experian will throw a bash for clients and select guests to mingle with its executives. The event in DMA•05 was at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. This year it’s tonight in San Francisco’s Union Square.

“San Francisco’s famous Union Square is exclusively yours for one night,” the invitation says. “An exciting evening awaits you in Experian’s crystal-clear pavilion. Enjoy the fare, celebrate with cocktails and dance to the energetic sounds of Pride and Joy.”

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