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Executive Stresses Innovative Thinking

ORLANDO — “Land from Mars mentally,” was the advice of a keynote speaker here Saturday at the Direct Marketing Association's 86th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Innovate your minds, not your products, said Barry Gibbons, former CEO of Burger King Corp. He stressed that creative thinking has nothing to do with the type of product that you market but everything to do with making your brand distinct to customers.

Gibbons said the one important word that relates to the branding of your business is “distinction.” The way you achieve distinction is by making your business memorable in new ways.

“If you practice total risk avoidance you lose,” he said. Instead, he recommended taking controlled risks.

If marketers want unsolicited repeat purchases from customers, they must find a way to keep them satisfied. This is done through leadership, Gibbons said, and also by putting faith and trust in your employees.

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