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eVu Upgrades Ad Software

eVu is expected to announce May 7 that its ad software can be used across multiple Web servers instead of through a single server.

The upgrade allows ads to be delivered on hundreds of Web sites.

CEO Craig Rexroad said his 3-year-old firm enhanced the software, also called eVu, after recently receiving its first multiple-server job proposal from a major ISP.

The software has audio and video capabilities and produces ads that are designed to appear in between Web pages in a manner similar to interstitials.

Advertisers can dictate how long the promos run and can use a countdown clock that shows viewers the length of time remaining before the ad is completed. Viewers have the option of skipping the ad.

Advertisers can program the pages within a Web site or network in which their promos appear. The ads can be scheduled according to an advertiser's peak hours. A restaurant business can target ads during lunch and dinner hours in accordance with different time zones.

Companies can view daily results in real time at a secured eVu Web page and can use the data to adjust campaign creative. Rexroad said his firm's software does not use hard code, thus allowing advertisers to make changes without having a technological background. He said the software's coding also allows the ads to be unattached to Web sites, which gives the ads a more interactive feel compared with interstitials or pop-ups.

Rexroad said the software's targets include e-commerce sites and entertainment firms. E*Trade and Forbes magazine, while advertising at ReportGallery.com, recently received ad impression rates at around 4 percent using the software.

eVu, Laguna Hills, CA, charges $5 per thousand page views and signs revenue-sharing deals on top of the CPM rates to lease the software.

Visit www.evu.com for more information.

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