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Epsilon Targeting combines multiple data sources

Epsilon has launched a new business division it’s calling Epsilon Targeting that combines its new mover data compilation Epsilon Data Services; Abacus, the transactional co-op database giant; and ICOM Information & Communications, a direct-response consumer survey database.

The company chose this “new wrapper” for its suite of services because the service focus was not just on aggregating data, but helping marketing clients target their best customers, explained Brian Rainey, president of Epsilon Targeting.

Rainey said that the announcement, made on May 5, was part of an 18-month plan to bring the data under one roof. He compared the long-term vision to the company’s current FastPath service within Abacus, which allows clients to identify the most lucrative buyers to target.

The current challenge is in integrating all of this data in a way that respects consumer privacy and proprietary client information.

“I believe that we are more conservative around data than our competitors,” Rainey said. Keeping client data in silos helped the company maintain security as well as enable clients to understand their brand buyers, he explained.

Rainey is leading Epsilon Targeting with support from Arlene Lacharite, who will serve as general manager. Rainey previously held the position of president of Abacus and Epsilon Data Services. Prior to that role, he was chief executive officer of Abacus when Epsilon acquired Abacus in 2007. 

Epsilon underscored its continued growth with another announcement this week that it has won 19 new clients in the first quarter of 2009. New accounts include TCF Bank, Cartier and Scottrade.

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