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Ensighten and Anametrix Unite in an Open Relationship

Omnichannel data provider Ensighten has acquired analytics platform Anametrix, a marriage pledged to arm marketers with proprietary data sets and more options in how to use them, says Ensighten CEO Josh Manion.

“We saw an opportunity of solving problems with each other,” Manion says. “Both companies are designed to give ownership and actionability to enterprises they’ve never had before. It’s about developing first-party data owned by the enterprise, applied in an open marketing platform.”

Using third-party data owned by outside suppliers, Manion explains, usually limits marketers to working with only one ad network. “But with this platform, you’re incented to use more than one network,” he says. “You’re providing the data profile to them and that allows you to review results from different networks and make smarter decisions with your marketing.”

Ensighten, which acquired TagMan earlier this year, assists marketers in tracking and using customer data across all channels and devices. The Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform is used by clients including Captal One, Microsoft, United Airlines, and Walmart. The Anametrix platform uses predictive analytics to uncover trends and hidden correlations in customer data.

“The way we look at it, it all starts with the data,” says Anametrix President and CEO Pelin Thorogood. “We keep it open for our clients. They can use other solutions and plug in data sets from their CRM systems or call centers.”

The merged companies, Manion says, will retain their individual corporate identities and clients while exploring new ways to work together over the coming months.

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