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Emarsys Emerges From the Shadows

Throughout 15 years in business, first as an email service provider and then as a provider of marketing software to consumer-facing businesses like eBay and Swissair, Emarsys never sought support from outside investors. “We never needed to, and we don’t need to now. We have over 1,300 clients worldwide,” says Sean Brady, president of the American business.

But yesterday, along with debuting its B2C Marketing Cloud, the Vienna-based company announced $33 million in Series A financing from Vector Capital and a plan to make its name known in North America. The company set up U.S. operations in Indianapolis in May and announced it would be leasing 15,000 square feet of office space in the city’s Market Tower.

“This funding is more about accelerating ourselves,” Brady says. “We have a large presence in China and Russia, and we want to fuel our North American expansion.”

The B2C Marketing Cloud launched today by Emarsys distinguishes itself from the competition, Brady says, by using machine learning and statistical modeling to focus on maximizing revenue from each customer. Based on customer interactions, it orchestrates multichannel campaigns and up-to-the-minute product recommendations.

The platform includes a new user interface called Discovery that customizes product browsing by specific user on both desktop and mobile. “It dynamically serves up products based on what people are browsing,” Brady says.

Joining Emarsys’s board as part of the funding deal with Vector Capital will be Sameer Kazi, a former senior executive at Social.com and Exact Target.

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