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E-mail marketing firm Zrinity brings behavioral targeting in e-mail

E-mail marketing firm Zrinity Inc. has debuted a behavioral e-mail marketing technique and has integrated Google Analytics into its e-mail platform.

The Utica, NY-based e-mail firm is now able to send e-mail marketing messages based on behavioral information, which is tracked online.

In addition, the firm has added a metrics and data gathering tool with a new integration with Google Analytics. Now Zrinity’s e-mail delivery server can measure e-mail metrics using the Google tool. Now clients such as recent wins Dunhill Vacations and Freewebs will be able to take advantage of these tools.

“Metrics from e-mail campaigns are typically thought of as separate from the metrics produced by say Google Analytics, and that was the way it is,” said a blog post on Zrinity’s site. “Now Zrinity delivery coders have tied the e-mail campaign directly into Google Analytics. This means that you will log in to view the metrics provided by Zrinity Email systems to determine bounce rates, delivery rates, campaign testing and the like.”

Zrinity has also begun to implement a new Best Practices pricing for e-mail customers. Zrinity will begin monitoring e-mail senders for pricing purposes, with those best practices oriented firms getting better rates.

In addition, Zrinity is running a promotion in which small businesses that send in a summarized business plan and contact details are offered free e-mail marketing services for an hour, allowing them to send up to one million e-mails.

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