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EDM offers National Fundraising File

Britain-based EDM Media has released the new-to-market National Fundraising File.

It is composed of responsive individuals profiled from charity donors who have given to more than one charity.

All of the individuals in the file completed a detailed questionnaire and have been identified as a good bet for charity mailers.

This file may be useful for large campaigns, major donor appeals or regional mailings because the file offers high volumes and good rollout potential.

The individuals are financially secure and have proved to be generous to a variety of causes.

All individuals are mail order responsive, particularly to charity appeals, sweepstakes and health catalogue offers.

The selects available for this file are major donors, legacy prospects, regular givers, cash donors and charity raffle players.

Further, the file may be good for offers including catalogues, savings bonds, funeral plans, insurance, credit cards and fundraising sweepstakes.

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