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EDITORIAL: Going Label Happy

Just when you thought there were enough labels to identify everyone, Yankelovich adds a few more to the list — 32 to be exact — with Monitor MindBase, a database tool it debuted at last week’s National Center for Database Marketing conference. Yankelovich defines eight broader categories, each with several segments:

Up & Comers (New Visionaries, Nouveau Nesters, Go-Getters, Wired) — Competitive, upwardly mobile and childless, Corporate America loves them.

Young Materialists (Rhythm and Youth, Young and Restless, Cynical Disconnectors) — They’re skeptical about institutions and believe that money gives them control over their world, but they don’t know how to get it.

Stressed By Life (Urban Strugglers, Rainbow Seekers, Urban Romantics) — Balancing their needs with those of their family, these individuals are ethnically diverse and tend to be concentrated in urban areas.

New Traditionalists (Overbooked Moms, Heartwarmers, Players, Band Leaders, All Americans) — Upscale and focused on their family, this group gets involved in community issues.

Family Limiteds (The Blands, The Can’t Be Bothered, Ships in the Harbor, Homebodies) — These parents are too focused on their family unit and have few interests outside of that.

Detached Introverts (Loners, Hermits, Internet Introverts, Technicians, Fence Builders) — They don’t have children and are driven by success at work.

Renaissance Elders (Self-Discovering Nesters, Prime Timers, Satisfied Seniors, Comfortable Twilighters, Calm Retireds) — Financially secure, they enjoy life and are still connected to the world around them.

Retired From Life (Carefree Traditionalists, Rooted in the Past, Complacent Seniors) — Sedentary and uninvolved, this group has limited resources and sees technology with a cynical eye.

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