Edith Roman wins Hearst Business Media Physician’s database

Edith Roman has won list management responsibilities for the Hearst Business Media Physician’s Postal and E-mail Database.

The list, which includes 775,785 postal addresses and 863,000 e-mail addresses, is new to the market. Edith Roman won the account in a formal RFP. The company already manages lists for Hearst Business Media’s Motor and Electronic Products brands.

“The list is huge – one of the biggest out there, and it’s very powerful because it’s so selectable,” said Greg Grdodian, VP of list management, Edith Roman. “The size and flexibility allows us to do a lot with this database because whenever you get into specialties, quantities are always the biggest limiter. But in this case, we don’t have that limitation.”

The Hearst Physician’s Business Solutions e-Newsletter and Hearst Physicians’s Business Solutions e-Newsletter Program will be managed by ePostDirect. Medical specialties of doctors on the list include family practice, dental, emergency medicine, surgery and internal medicine. Specialty, group practice and number of physicians are selectable from the e-mail file. The full e-mail file will be available twice a week, based on availability.

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