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*Edith Roman Bolsters Trade Publication Offerings

Edith Roman Associates Inc. took over management of 29 Bill Communications trade publication postal files last week.

“With these files added into the existing Bill Communications Database, we are looking at 2.5 million business-to-business names,” said Steve Roberts, president of Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY.

On Feb. 1, the lists joined the 24 Bill Communications business publications that Edith Roman gained management of in September as well as six others that followed in October.

Of the 29 publications, Bill Communications acquired 27 from publisher Miller Freeman, according to Roberts.

The newly acquired files include American Time; Architectural Lighting; Architecture Magazine; Bicycle Retailer and Industry News; Bobbin Magazine; Business Travel News; Commercial Property News; Contract Magazine; Couture International Jeweler; Embroidery Monogram Business Magazine; Facilities Design & Management Magazine; Fly-Fishing Retailer; Giftware Business Magazine; Golf Retailer Magazine; Health & Fitness Business Magazine; Impressions Magazine; Interiors; Kitchen and Bath Business; La Bobina Magazine; Leisure Travel News; Meetings News; Miller Freeman Business Database; Multi-Housing News; National Jeweler Magazine; Outdoor Retailer Magazine; Sporting Goods Business Magazine; Supersellers; Wintersport Business Magazine; and Wood Technology Magazine.

As a result of taking over the files, Edith Roman has created three databases that have been added to the 17 it manages. The new files are Bill Communications Design Database; Bill Communications Sports/Sportswear Database; and Bill Communications Design Database.

Also, 13 of the publications have opt-in e-mail files, which were awarded to Edith Roman's affiliate, ePostDirect, for management.

The titles with e-mail addresses available include Architectural Lighting; Architecture Magazine; Bobbin Magazine; Business Travel News; Contract Magazine; Embroidery Monogram Business Magazine; Facilities Design and Management Magazine; Impressions Magazine; Kitchen and Bath Business; Leisure Travel News; Meetings News; Multi-Housing News; and National Jeweler Magazine.

The following e-mail databases were also created: Bill Communications Design/Architecture Pro E-Mail Database; Bill Communications Sports/Sportswear Pro E-Mail Database; and Bill Communications Travel Industry Pro E-Mail Database.

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