Eagle List manages Conservative Senior Alliance Donors’ file; Teramedia has new investor lists; Mokrynskidirect manages

Eagle List Co., Washington, is managing the Conservative Senior Alliance Donors’ file, which reaches direct mail generated donors and patriotic seniors who contributed multiple times to conservative organizations and Republican candidates for elective office.

The file is comprised of 112,000 donors at a base price of $105/M and a premium-dollar select of nearly 32,000 donors who have contributed more than $100 to Republican causes.

The file is also selectable by age, income, recency and verified telephone numbers.

The senior donors on the list are supporters of Social Security reforms aimed at ensuring that benefits will be available for their children and grandchildren, as well as guaranteeing that their own benefits will not be cut back.

In addition, they have been supporters of projects aimed at reducing taxes and federal spending, as well as social-conservative projects regarding traditional marriage and pro-life issues.

The Conservative Seniors Alliance Donors file may work well for political and fundraising offers, as well as a wide variety of upscale consumer direct mail and telemarketing offers.

Teramedia releases three new-to-market lists

Teramedia, Orlando, FL, has released three new investor lists.

The first, InvestorsInsight Publishing, is a multichannel list of investment and economic news subscribers comprised of 815,710 postal addresses at $125/M.

The next, MarketBroker, is an e-mail list of active day traders who use the top-rated stock analysis tool. The list is comprised of 334,185 e-mail addresses at $100/M.

Lastly, high net worth investors are found on the Investors Observer list, which is comprised of 361,342 e-mail addresses at $100/M.

Mokrynskidirect manages new-to-market Shoemall file

Mokrynskidirect, Hackensack, NJ, is managing the new-to-market Shoemall file.

The file is comprised of over 195,000, 12-month buyers at a base price of $100/M.

The individuals comprising the files are mature, Internet-savvy consumers who avidly purchase shoes and accessories from top names as Naturalizer, Sketchers, Clarks and New Balance.

The file is selectable by age, income, ethnicity, lifestyle and presence of children.

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