Dynamic Signal announces integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud for tracking brand advocates

Brand advocacy platform Dynamic Signal now offers an integration with Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud that allows users to track content shared by advocates across the web.

With this new integration, Dynamic Signal says marketers will finally be able to tie brand advocacy to a quantifiable metric, such as product sales, event registrations or form completes. That means tracking every piece of content that is shared by a brand’s advocates, whether they’re customers or employees.

The integration is set up through Adobe Analytics, after which users will be able to track the following in their dashboards:

– View stats on the performance of each piece of content, including views and conversions (such as form fills, event registrations etc.)

– Create custom segments in order to start tracking all traffic by specific communities, or audience actions.

– Track the performers by content authors and sharers in order to identify who’s driving the most results through advocacy and content optimization.

Here’s what it looks like:

“This is a natural evolution for us, as we’re committed to ensuring our clients have the definitive toolset for advocacy marketing,” says Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal. “Our Adobe integration is an exciting one because it will give companies the ammo they need to truly expand and scale advocacy within their organization.”

The new Dynamic Signal integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud is available immediately.

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