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Duane Forrester discusses SEO’s future at Yext summit

"SEO Future"
“SEO Future”

Duane Forrester, a 27-year veteran of the search marketing industry, recently shared his expertise on SEO trends at a Yext summit. Forrester’s insights, honed over a decade at Microsoft, encompass analytics, content strategy, and search optimization. He noted that considering the quick pace of digital evolution, it’s paramount for businesses to grasp SEO changes, utilize data for intelligent decision-making, and prioritize seamless user experiences.

He’s notorious for his contributions to implementing Bing Webmaster Tools and guidelines, and his collaboration on platforms such as Schema.org, Robotstxt.org, and Sitemaps.org, which have simplified website creation and maintenance. Their continued improvement, geared toward enhancing user experience, has resulted in increased web traffic and boosted online visibility for numerous websites.

Forrester addressed the increased incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in SEO. AI, machine learning, and neural networks have been integral to search systems, often functioning unnoticed. Understanding these changes has become vital to SEO approaches as the focus shifts from keywords to how these systems analyze and prioritize information.

He also pointed out how AI is changing user behavior, with tools like Google’s Rankbrain improving search results by contextually understanding content.

Understanding the AI-driven future of SEO

He urged SEO professionals to adapt their strategies in this AI era, prioritizing understanding over targeting keywords. He suggested that the future of SEO is innately linked to AI.

Given the rapidly changing advancements and procedures, Forrester stressed the necessity of continual learning for SEO professionals. He proposed regular dedicated time to research, monitoring industry leaders, relying on credible sources, and staying alert to customer trends.

Appreciating the value of developer resources for better understanding the mechanics behind SEO functionality and equipping oneself for upcoming customer trends are highlighted as part of necessary adaptations. He declared it essential for SEO efficiency to meet user needs and maintain relevance.

In his conclusion, Forrester warned of radically altered future SEO, emphasizing that without proactive learning and research, professionals may fail to keep up with the swift pace of changes in the field. This could lead to information overload, increased competition, and crowding. He urged professionals to keep abreast of updates, constantly adapt their practices to stay relevant, and brace for impending shifts.

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