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DreamLarge CEO Acquires Lifestyle Magazine, Plans Upgrade

"DreamLarge CEO"
“DreamLarge CEO”

Entrepreneur Anand Pallegar, the CEO of DreamLarge, has recently purchased a well-known lifestyle magazine. While the financial details of this acquisition remain undisclosed, Pallegar has big plans to revamp and revitalize the magazine’s content.

One of his key objectives is increasing the digital reach of the publication and fostering a greater engagement with readers. This acquisition marks a significant expansion of DreamLarge’s presence in the publishing world, hinting at new opportunities for growth and influence.

DreamLarge is a B Corporation based in the Rosemary District of Sarasota. They are known for their diverse interests, from environmental sustainability to promoting local arts and entrepreneurship. The company has previously contributed to high-impact projects in the community such as the Pinc Experience.

This new acquisition signifies a shift in the magazine’s direction towards a more local focus. In his statement regarding the purchase, Pallegar expressed a desire to amplify the voices of Sarasota citizens by creating a platform for them to express their views and concerns. This move intends to strengthen the local identity, foster unity, and create an interactive space for readers and contributors.

Before this change in stewardship, the magazine was owned by SagaCity Media since 2015, which also acquired another four publications. However, some of these publications have since ceased to operate.

The magazine covers a variety of themes, ranging from food and real estate to arts, fashion, philanthropy, and design. Particular focus is given to Sarasota, enhancing its local appeal. The magazine also maintains a strong digital presence, with regular social media posts and newsletters.

Speculation suggests that under DreamLarge’s leadership, the magazine may undergo digital enhancements and expand its coverage. The magazine’s Editor-in-Chief has expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, aligning with their goal to celebrate Sarasota.

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