Draftfcb NY merges media buying with CRM and digital in new division

Draftfcb New York has merged its media, digital and CRM practices into a single unit, the Real-Time Marketing division. ?

The change, which is in response to the industry-wide focus on CRM and digital, let to the relocation of 100 company employees to be in closer proximity and under the same operating budget. This news comes almost year after the New York office laid off 47 employees. Peter DeNunzio, president of the agency, said no layoffs were planned for the agency’s most recent structure change.?

Underpinning the move is the agency’s refined approach to CRM. “The promise of one-to-one marketing is here,” said Mike Brzozowski, executive director of CRM consulting. “If you don’t get the proverbial right message to the customer at the right time, you’ve lost that person.”?

Chief media officer Richard Gagnon, who will lead the division, said there was logic to uniting digital specialists, who often handle content creation, and media specialists, who manage message context, in one department. “Real-time marketing means that communication plans have to be adaptive to what’s happening in that moment with the customer,” he explained.?

Mary Kenyon, president of Aspen, CO-based agency Real Time Marketing, contacted DMNews upon hearing of the launch. Her company’s definition of “real-time marketing” has been “creativity and collaboration” and “dedication to delivering real results in real time” since 2003, she said.

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