DoubleClick Debuts Search Management Tool

NEW YORK — DoubleClick is adding search marketing technology with its launch of DART Search at yesterday's Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo.

The self-serve tool lets advertisers and agencies manage their paid search campaigns and track their display, rich media and search ads in one place. DART Search is built on DoubleClick's DART ad management platform.

“Its integration with DART for Advertisers, including consolidated reporting capabilities, gives clients a comprehensive view of their total digital advertising investment,” said David Rosenblatt, CEO of DoubleClick, New York.

Though the search tool is being marketed beyond existing clients, it will help existing customers manage their campaigns in one place and make it easy for them to “get up and running with paid search,” said Dave Fall, senior product director for Dart Search. The technology is scalable to handle advertisers' numerous keywords and campaigns, Fall added.

DoubleClick is also promising advertisers using Dart Search early insight on new products and beta testing of projects with Yahoo Search, Google and MSN Search.

Meanwhile, DoubleClick's Performics division continues to offer search engine marketing services.

Other announcements from the show:

· Forty percent of search marketers are missing out by using only Google and/or Yahoo for their campaigns, according to a new report from JupiterResearch.

· “Even though search engine usage by marketers has broadened in the past couple of years, marketers are still slow to test the newer search providers,” said Sapna Satagopan, research associate at JupiterResearch and author of the report. “Lack of management tools and relatively low traffic volume are the biggest deterrents.”

· One-third of sophisticated marketers find that adding new search engines drives up their clicks, the study said, though only 19 percent of search marketers make the cut as being sophisticated.

· Click Forensics launched a service that lets advertisers monitor their online campaigns for click fraud while accessing aggregate data about potential fraud seen by other advertisers in the network.

· ClickTracks Analytics released a new version of its software with new click-fraud reporting technology. The software also includes a “Robot View” report that lets marketers see their sites as search engine spiders see them.

· Yahoo Europe chose Microchannel Technologies' MakeMeTop bid management and ROI analytics tools for use on Kelkoo and other Yahoo Europe properties.

· Backbone Media debuted Scout, a suite of blog marketing services to help companies improve their search engine rankings through corporate blogging.

· Pricefish released FishClips, the first of several multimedia offerings. FishClips lets merchants include a short MP3 audio clip along with each of their product or service listings on

· Hot Banana Software unveiled Hot Banana for Agencies, a tool to help agencies manage multiple marketing campaigns for their clients. The company also partnered with PRWeb to add press release distribution to its Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite.

· Jambo introduced Pay-Per-Call Collect, a solution that lets businesses pay for their pay-per-call phone leads using their standard telephone bills.

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