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Don’t Forget the Rest of the BTB World

I think Ruth Stevens’ perception of “true” BTB marketers is perhaps skewed by her East Coast location and her natural association with the bigger names in the business.

Really, though, we’re out here. Lots of us. More than anyone knows, because nobody bothers to count us. (Why not, DM News and others? Wouldn’t somebody want to rent a list of BTB direct marketers?) In our small town of 14,000, out here in (beautiful, which is why we’re here) western Colorado, there are four companies, ours included, with sales of $1 million to $3 million that market to other businesses exclusively by direct marketing.

Our customers are hospitals, nursing homes, banks, obstetricians, pediatricians, grocery stores, libraries and several other smaller markets. All of our sales are direct, and direct mail is our only advertising medium. Sure, there are lots more BTB companies that use other channels, and may (should!) use some DM techniques, but there are lots of us who are the real thing: pure direct marketers.

Please keep writing your informative and instructive articles. I learn from each one!

Robb Ruyle, president, Powderhorn Industries Inc., Montrose, CO, [email protected]

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