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Donnelley Marketing Introduces DQI3

Donnelley Marketing, an infoUSA company, Omaha, NE, this week introduced its DQI3, a database that integrates the Donnelley Marketing and infoUSA/Database America consumer files.

According to Donnelley Marketing — the division of infoUSA that offers proprietary business and consumer information products, database marketing/enrichment services, analytical services and Internet marketing solutions — the solution is the industry's largest, most accurate and comprehensive source of consumer demographic and lifestyle information. DQI3 contains approximately 225 million individuals and 100 million households.

“The integration of the Donnelley Marketing and infoUSA/Database America consumer files truly represents the synergies inherent in the two companies,” said Susan Henricks, president and chief operating officer, Donnelley Marketing. “Our ability to quickly integrate the two files and bring DQI3 to market is a clear indication of our commitment of providing our clients and prospects with superior marketing solutions.”

In addition, Donnelley Marketing announced it has implemented a new electronic customer relationship management application into the database — called idUSA — which assigns a unique identification number for each individual and household within DQI3. This numbering logic allows companies to track individuals as they change residence and cycle through life events. It enables Donnelley Marketing to record movement over time, providing valuable historical demographic and occupancy data.

Michael Morreale, executive vice president at Donnelley Marketing, said, “This powerful new tool provides clients with transactional updates, based on changes associated with each individual, household and address online, in real time. Using this code, clients are able to instantly integrate, update and understand data about their own customers and prospects.”

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