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Donnelley Adds Tools to Soft-Proofing

R.R. Donnelley added several tools and enhancements to its integrated soft-proofing application, ShareStream, the Chicago company said yesterday.

The additions let ShareStream support electronic proof routing. Using ShareStream, soft-proofing content can be routed through an approval workflow that is customized to meet the needs of each organization.

The application places production team members into groups, each responsible for reviewing pages at different stages in the process. Team members get an e-mail when an item is ready for review and use the ShareStream application to see what needs their attention. ShareStream automates the proofing process and removes lag time and time looking for proofs, Donnelley said.

ShareStream also records changes made to documents so reviewers can refer to past comments and versions. The application also supports a wider variety of paper simulations so users can see how the project will appear on paper.

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