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DMW Direct “upgrades” with new director of digital marketing

Direct response advertising agency DMW Direct has appointed Greg Marta as its director of digital marketing in a move to “upgrade” the company’s digital proposition and service offerings, says DMW Direct president and CEO Mark Mandia.

Marta, who started with the company on July 16, reports to DMW Direct’s EVP and CCO Bill Spink.

“We are all about direct marketing and all we do now is integrated response,” says Mandia, noting that while DMW Direct already had a “robust digital service offering” before bringing on Marta, the agency has been looking to “take it to the next step” and hire someone with a “higher level” of experience in the field. DMW Direct ultimately looked externally to fill the position, Mandia says, because the company sought to expand its capabilities.

To find Marta, DMW Direct utilized electronic job boards, industry postings, and a headhunter, says Mandia, who discovered Marta via a direct resume sent in to a job site.

“[Marta] covers the gamut in terms of digital marketing,” Mandia says.

Marta has nearly two decades of experience in online marketing. Prior to joining DMW Direct, he served as online marketing director at GS1 US, and has in the past filled marketing and advertising roles at Razorfish and MetLife

“That he worked with MetLife was attractive to us because a large portion of our business is in insurance—that was a big plus,” Mandia says.

In his new position, Marta will do “everything from basic digital delivery to higher level interactive strategy,” says Mandia, adding that Marta will oversee a “combination of existing full-time staff and outsourced resources.” Mandia declined to specify the number of either.

DMW Direct has several divisions with which Mr. Marta will interact, including client services, account services, data analytics, and production. “He has a pivotal role that will touch all our disciplines,” Mandia says.

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