DMW Automates Mailings for Insurance Trade Group

Direct response marketing firm DMW is providing print-on-demand services for the Professional Insurance Marketing Association's member acquisition campaigns, according to DMW.

DMW is producing a customizable spiral-bound booklet, “An Introduction to PIMA Membership Guide,” that includes an introduction letter, events schedule, and association information including dues and benefits and a personalized membership application. Using the print-on-demand service, the trade association can update text and photos in the booklet, print them and mail the booklet to a prospect on the same day a request for information is made, DMW said.

DMW also created a member acquisition self-mailer that the association is sending to about 3,000 prospects monthly. The mailer instructs prospects to call the trade group or visit its Web site to request the free membership guide.

DMW, Philadelphia, primarily serves clients in insurance, nonprofit and financial services.

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