DMN Political Survey Results Provide Marketing Insight into Presidential Election

Over 58 percent of marketers said they would vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, as opposed to 25 percent who will support Donald Trump according to the DMN Political Survey.

In fact, 66 percent of marketers believe Clinton will win the presidential election to a 20 percent who said Trump. Only two responders were less than 65 percent sure of their prediction.

The results showed 70 percent of marketers believe Clinton won the first debate, while 12 percent didn’t actually watch.

The survey had 24 responses from marketing professionals at a variety of levels and a variety of company types. Forty-one percent of the 24 worked for a vendor or marketing technology company, while 20 percent worked for agency and brand organizations, with only 16 percent coming from nonprofit. The company size ranged from 50 to over 1,000 employees, with 50 percent in the 0 to 50 employee category.

Fifty percent of marketers believe the marketing industry is more Democratic, while less than 13 percent see the industry as Republican.

Hillary Clinton, according to 79 percent of marketers, is performing better on email marketing. However, 58 percent of marketers voted in favor of Donald Trump, when asked who is doing a better job on social media.

Marketers predominantly believe social media will have an impact in the election, although there was disagreement over the degree. Fifty-eight percent said it will have a small impact, while 33 percent believe it will have a big impact.

“Watch cable” and “read daily news” won out by 70 percent in each category as the modes of how marketers stay updated with the election.

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