DMA Urges More Federal Funds for Spam Fight

The Direct Marketing Association called on Congress yesterday to provide more funding for anti-spam initiatives, including enforcement of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Though CAN-SPAM is working, spam can be reduced further if law enforcement receives more resources, the DMA said. Additional federal funds would help continue the success of federal and state agencies that have scored litigation victories against spammers.

According to the DMA, a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp. on its behalf showed that spam has declined since the CAN-SPAM Act took effect in January 2004. It showed that one year ago, the average consumer got 137 pieces of spam weekly compared with 78 weekly now, and spam as a percentage of the e-mail in consumer inboxes was 60.4 percent in February 2004 versus 53.1 percent in February 2005, the DMA said.

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