DMA Study: Marketers Achieving Integration

NEW YORK — Marketers are integrating their online and offline marketing techniques in increasing numbers, according to the Direct Marketing Association's State of the E-Commerce Industry Report 2001.

Findings were released yesterday at the DMA and Association for Interactive Marketing's conference at the New York Hilton & Towers.

The study found that 64 percent of companies were cross-selling by targeting customers in multiple channels.

In a breakdown of online and offline techniques used by marketers to drive traffic to their Web sites, respondents reported using the following methods:

· direct mail, 58 percent

· e-mail, 56 percent

· print ads, 43 percent

· search engine optimization, 41 percent

Other findings included that catalogs (56 percent) and printed promotions (50 percent) were the most effective cross-selling tools for getting online customers to an offline channel.

Also, direct mail (27.8 percent), catalogs (27.3 percent) and Web sites (24 percent) generated the largest percentage of net sales in 2001.

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