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DM News to Introduce 'White Paper of the Week' Service

DM News will launch an e-mail broadcast service enabling supplier and research firms to announce white papers, best practices guides and other free literature to readers of the DM News print and online editions.

The service, “DM News' White Paper of the Week,” will consist of a weekly e-mail blast to an audience of 35,000 DM News subscribers who have indicated an interest in receiving information on direct, database and Internet marketing topics.

Readers will be able to obtain the white papers of their choice through an online registration process, which will forward their names and contact information to the respective publishers.

DM News publisher Adrian Courtenay indicated that the service will be introduced in January. Supplier companies or research firms wanting more information about participating in “White Paper of the Week” should contact promotion director Robert DiGioia at 212/925-7300 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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