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DM News debuts marketing ROI Webinar with Experian

DM News at 2 p.m. EST March 22 debuts a Webinar with Experian, “Build Your Marketing ROI up to +37% With Household Segmentation & Insight.”

The Webinar, at http://www.experianmarketingservices.com/webinars.html, will focus on how some marketers have increased their marketing return on investment by improving targeting precision at the household level, and around each dimension of “who,” “what,” “how” and “when” segments respond.

Participants can hear how one marketer gained up to a 37 percent increase in marketing ROI after implementing multifaceted segmentation at the household level.

The Webinar also will offer detail on how household segmentation with profitability metrics helped a major financial services marketer optimize portfolio penetration and profits.

Webinar participants will be able to understand key principles for selecting the right segmentation system for a marketer’s business needs. They will learn how to deliver the right message to the right target with the right media using multidimensional household segmentation.

Finally, participants will gain access to case studies on implementation, including household targeting delivered online.

The Webinar speakers are Marc Fanelli, senior vice president of Experian Decision Sciences, and Todd Werner, senior vice president of Progeny Marketing Innovations. DM News’ Mickey Alam Khan will moderate.

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