Dispelling the Illusion of Productivity: 5 Unproductive Phrases Creatives Say and How to Avoid Them

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Part 2 — “It’s 80% done”

When your team tells you a project is “80% done,” are you confident in that number—or suspicious about its accuracy? If it’s the latter, you have a serious work visibility problem because you:

• Don’t have access to the right information,
• Don’t have the right information, or
• Don’t have information, period.

“It’s 80% done” is just one of phrases that can alert you to some serious productivity problems on your team. But the good news is you can do something about them.

Join Richard Whitehead, AtTask’s senior GTM director for marketing solutions, and “Diary of a CMO” coauthor Martyn Etherington, CMO of Mitel—both experts on marketing productivity—to learn how to:

• Establish the right expectations on project updates
• Increase visibility into your team’s work
• Standardize the way your team manages and tracks work

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Featured Speakers:

Richard Whitehead, Sr. GTM (Go-To-Market) Director — Marketing Solutions Group, AtTask

Throughout his career, Richard has worked with many in-house creative teams to help them learn to effectively manage their workload and control work chaos. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Richard has worked in a variety of roles, including Marketing, Product Management, and Engineering.

Martyn Etherington, CMO, Mitel

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