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Disney+ Enhances Ad-Supported Tier

Disney Plus
Disney Plus

Half of Disney+’s brand-new subscribers have chosen the ad-supported plan since the service’s launch in December of last year. Disney+ is introducing a slew of new features and partnerships that will improve the ad experience on the platform to accommodate this growing audience. This action is consistent with the firm’s pledge to provide advanced measurement and targeting tools, such as those found on Hulu. Let’s take a closer look at the most significant changes and what they mean for marketers.

More Precise Audience Segmentation

With Disney+’s new audience targeting features, brands can more precisely target their ideal demographic. Disney’s first-party Audience Graph allows advertisers to narrow their focus on specific demographics such as age, gender, region, and audience type. With this much specificity, marketers can target specific audiences with highly relevant messages.

Possibilities for Programming Growth

Disney+ is increasing its programmatic options and improving its ability to target specific audiences. Private marketplaces and invitation-only auctions are now accessible to advertisers on 30 different demand-side platforms (DSPs). With this expansion, advertisers have more leeway in allocating their ad budgets and directing their programmatic campaigns toward the people they want to see them.

Various Forms of Commercials

Disney+ is introducing multiple ad formats to meet the varying preferences of advertisers. Mid-rolls, shorter spots of 15 seconds, longer spots of 90 seconds, and content partnerships all fall under this category. Disney+ provides a number of different ad options, so that marketers can pick the one that works best with their specific goals and media. Because of this adaptability, ads are better able to blend in with the user experience, which boosts engagement and ultimately leads to better results.

Accurately Attributing Results

Advertisers absolutely must monitor the results of their campaigns. In order to better measure and attribute its success, Disney+ has partnered with industry-leading verification services. Advertisers can now verify ad viewability and learn more about campaign performance with the help of tools like DoubleVerify, Moat, IAS, Adform, DCM, Extreme Reach, Flashtalking, and Sizmek. Disney+ is also working with companies like Cuebiq and Foursquare to track in-store traffic, Data Plus Math and iSpotTV to analyze audience size, Kantar to gauge the impact of the brand, and Innovid XP to showcase online and mobile-based sales.

Advantage in the Market

Disney+ hopes to differentiate itself from the other streaming services by implementing these new features. The platform equips marketers with the means to increase the efficacy of their campaigns by means of sophisticated targeting, broader programmatic possibilities, more varied ad formats, and enhanced measurement and attribution capabilities. The streaming industry as a whole has been making strides to improve their advertising offerings, so this decision is in line with the current trend.

Upfront Presentation by Netflix

New advertising options and partnerships with Nielsen and EDO for measurement were announced at Netflix’s first upfront presentation in May. By taking this step, Netflix showed that it values advertising and is dedicated to giving its advertisers accurate metrics. Netflix’s goal in collaborating with market leaders was to give advertisers more reliable data on campaign success and viewership.

Amazon’s Presentation at the NewFronts

In a similar vein, Amazon revealed measurement partnerships with VideoAmp and iSpot during its NewFronts presentation. Through these collaborations, Amazon is able to offer complete measurement solutions to its advertising clients, including data on ad viewability, reach, and frequency. Amazon plans to provide advertisers with a full suite of measurement tools to help them fine-tune their campaigns and increase ROI by partnering with industry-leading measurement providers.

President’s Statement on Disney+’s Global Ad Campaign

Disney’s global advertising president Rita Ferro released a statement emphasizing the significance of the changes, saying, “We spent the last 10 months testing, learning, and listening to our consumers and clients.” Premium content clearly has an impact, as evidenced by rising engagement and time spent, and by the introduction of more precise measurement tools for use by marketers. Ferro’s comments emphasize Disney+’s dedication to providing an easy and productive advertising environment for brands and audiences alike.

Bringing the Ad-Supported Level to More Countries

As if that weren’t enough, on November 1st, Disney+ will launch an ad-supported tier in certain European and Canadian markets. This growth will cement Disney+’s position as a leading streaming platform worldwide and give advertisers more opportunities to reach audiences in these areas. Subscribers in the United States will also have the option to sign up for a package that includes Disney+ Premium and commercial-free Hulu.

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What new features is Disney+ introducing for advertisers?

Disney+ is rolling out precise audience segmentation tools, expanded programmatic options, various ad formats, and enhanced measurement and attribution capabilities for advertisers to better target and evaluate their campaigns.

How will Disney+’s Audience Graph benefit marketers?

The Audience Graph allows advertisers to fine-tune their targeting based on demographics such as age, gender, region, and audience type, enabling the delivery of highly relevant messages to specific audiences.

What are the programmatic options available on Disney+?

Disney+ is widening its programmatic horizon by offering private marketplaces and invitation-only auctions on 30 different demand-side platforms (DSPs), giving advertisers more flexibility in budget allocation and campaign targeting.

What different ad formats is Disney+ introducing?

Disney+ is introducing a variety of ad formats including mid-rolls, short 15-second spots, long 90-second spots, and content partnerships to cater to diverse advertising preferences and goals.

How is Disney+ enhancing the measurement and attribution of ad campaigns?

Through partnerships with verification services and other companies, Disney+ is enabling advertisers to verify ad viewability, track in-store traffic, analyze audience size, gauge brand impact, and monitor online and mobile-based sales.

How does Disney+ plan to stand out from other streaming services?

Disney+ aims to differentiate by offering sophisticated targeting, broader programmatic options, varied ad formats, and robust measurement and attribution tools, aligning with the industry’s trend to improve advertising offerings.

What were the key takeaways from Netflix and Amazon’s advertising presentations?

Netflix and Amazon showcased their commitment to enhancing advertising by announcing new measurement partnerships and tools, aimed at providing advertisers with accurate metrics to evaluate campaign success and viewership.

What did Rita Ferro, Disney’s global advertising president, emphasize regarding the new advertising features?

Rita Ferro emphasized the importance of the new features, highlighting the 10-month testing phase, the positive impact of premium content on engagement and time spent, and the introduction of precise measurement tools for marketers.

What is Disney+’s plan to expand the ad-supported tier?

On November 1st, Disney+ plans to launch an ad-supported tier in certain European and Canadian markets. Additionally, a package including Disney+ Premium and commercial-free Hulu will be available for US subscribers.

How will the new ad-supported tier benefit advertisers?

The expansion of the ad-supported tier to more regions will broaden the reach of advertisers, providing more opportunities to engage with audiences across different markets.

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