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DiScala Partners With Casino Fortune for Eating Disorders Fundraising

Actress Jamie-Lynn DiScala of “The Sopranos” entered an alliance with Casino Fortune, an online casino, to raise awareness and money for her eating disorders foundation.

A three-month campaign will include Casino Fortune (www.casinofortune.com) informing its 2 million North American players about anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder.

Casino Fortune's main communication tactics are opt-in e-mail solicitations and newsletters. Recipients can learn more about eating disorders or donate money to the Jamie-Lynn DiScala Foundation.

DiScala started the foundation after a portrayal of the character Meadow Soprano on the HBO show triggered an existing eating disorder.

The cause-related marketing may strike a chord. Casino Fortune claims its North American clients mostly are women, which is in line with online casino playing trends.

“Our 2004 player poll indicated that many of our recreational gamblers have problems with their weight,” Casino Fortune senior vice president Dennis Rose said in a statement. “We will raise awareness of eating disorders and draw new players to our casino.”

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