DirectMedia manages DharmaCrafts’ catalog list

Direct Media Inc. is managing DharmaCrafts’ catalog file.

The 73,000 individuals on the list are affluent and spiritual and committed to health, personal development, the environment and social justice.

The Buddhist community has relied on DharmaCrafts for quality meditation supplies and Asian-inspired home furnishings.

DharmaCrafts’ catalog includes high-end products for the home and garden that support its customers’ meditation and yoga practices and inspire their everyday lives.

The catalog offers products such as meditation cushions, fine Japanese incense, Buddhist statues, Japanese garden furniture, fencing, ornaments, spiritual jewelry and gifts, hand-painted fine-art screens, silk wall hangings, Asian-style lighting, Asian-accent home furnishings, books and floor cushions for children.

Forty-nine percent of the buyers are between the ages of 36 and 55. Thirty-six percent earn more than $100,000.

This file may work well for companies offering home décor, gifts, general merchandise, health and personal care, fundraising for progressive causes, travel, and consumer book offers.

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