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Digital inserts

Traditional inserts, renowned for their synergy of direct mail and on-page marketing channels, are finally going paperless.

In recent times, insert media has become a more familiar marketing preference in our direct mail marketplace. This is, in part, because of insert media’s mainstay as a strategic, cost-effective response vehicle for advertisers in these days of postal stringency, while consistently supplementing most program owners’ direct mail revenue.

So, what’s next? Inserts are emerging from inside the package right onto your screen and even your iPhone.

An advertiser can attract hotline buyers with an implied endorsement precisely at the checkout stage of an online retail purchase and drive them directly to your landing page, which results in instantaneous response and acquisition at little or no production costs. In some instances, you pay only by a cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-account basis.

Program owners and catalogers have seen brighter days with the postal reform pushing towards increasingly higher costs and production modifications. Who better to benefit from a turnkey business solution using your current retail Web site, providing supplemental revenue while incurring zero fulfillment costs and requiring minimal online maintenance?

Sound too good to be true?

The answer is webserts. Don’t ask Wikipedia yet, but a websert is a banner ad, placed on an online order confirmation page or thank-you page that is generated immediately following a consumer transaction on a retailer’s Web site.

Program owners; worried about the competitive implications to your product or service? Don’t be. These third-party ads are placed at the post-transactional portion of your customer’s checkout. Concerned for your customers’ trust and privacy? Don’t be. This is similar to all media, only the ads you approve will be seen by your valued customers.

The conception of webserts is brilliant while simply executable. Webserts can be a true asset to your client’s business model.

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