DiGiorno Pizza Wins Fans with Its Hilarious Tweets During ‘The Sound of Music Live!’

Whoever’s in charge of DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter account deserves a medal for making us smile with their hilarious live-tweeting of NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live!”

Last night, NBC aired a live performance of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood as Maria. Although the show itself received lukewarm reviews, people on Twitter soon started noticing that the DiGiorno Pizza account was tweeting alongside the broadcast, making references to the movie, its songs and of course, pizza:

Things got funnier when parody lyrics started showing up

Aside from the pizza related tweets, the account took time to yell hilarious messages at the show itself:

People started telling everyone to follow the brand, tickled by its seemingly random involvement.

Next thing you know it became a trending account in several different cities.

Was it blatant product promotion? Sure. But more importantly, it was entertaining, and that’s why people didn’t mind it. It’s a great example of real, authentic social media marketing that wins fans and gets even more buzz in the days after.

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