Digimarc Partners With Viking

Digimarc Corp., Tualatin, OR, a digital watermark technology and applications vendor, has partnered with Viking Lithograph Inc., Canoga Park, CA, to embed Digimarc MediaBridge digital watermarks in marketing support materials for major pharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics manufacturing clients.

Digitally watermarked print materials such as brochures, magazines, product packaging and direct response mailers link readers to online information when held in front of a Web camera or other image-capture device enabled with Digimarc MediaBridge software. The software launches a browser that instantly connects the user to relevant Internet offers, discounts or purchase opportunities. A Digimarc “D” symbol on the printed material indicates that the object is Internet-enabled.

For example, customers can pick up Digimarc MediaBridge-enabled brochures at store displays, then hold them up to their home Web camera or at an in-store kiosk for instant payoff.

Viking president R. Michael Mahr said his company plans to offer Digimarc's MediaBridge technology immediately to its established pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology clients. The printer works with many of the best-known companies in these industries, including Sebastian International, Amgen and Pharmavite.

“Pharmaceutical and nutrition companies are very concerned about providing the most recent product data,” Mahr said. “By using Digimarc's technology, doctors could simply hold the packet in front of an office computer's Web camera and be instantly linked to the drug's current research indications, no matter how out of date the printed material is.”

Likewise, patients could hold a product label in front of a Digimarc MediaBridge-enabled home Web camera for the most current research.

For Viking's hair-care and cosmetics clients, Mahr said his clients can use Digimarc MediaBridge to expedite salon or department store ordering. For example, a product catalog could link straight to a product order page plus list the manufacturer's current promotional offer. Also, products could link consumers to seasonal fashion or healthcare tips by digitally watermarking cosmetics and hair-care packaging.

Viking also expects to use Digimarc MediaBridge in pharmaceutical information packets produced for its biotech clients and supplied to hospitals and doctor's offices.

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