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Deluxe Checks Chooses Broad Daylight

Broad Daylight Inc., a customer relationship management vendor, today will announce that it has signed an agreement with Direct Checks Unlimited Inc., to provide business and consumer customers with service via the Web at the Direct Checks Unlimited Web site www.checksunlimited.com.

Direct Checks Unlimited is using Broad Mind, Broad Daylight's flagship solution, to field more than 10,000 customer inquiries a week. Direct Checks Unlimited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deluxe Checks Corp., Colorado Springs, CO. Broad Daylight is based in Santa Clara, CA.

Broad Mind is being deployed as an integrated natural-language search engine and online question-answering service, leveraging a knowledge base of previously answered questions. Direct Checks Unlimited is also looking into ways the rest of the company can benefit from the information the knowledge base is capturing.

Broad Mind offers:

· One-click access to the most important questions. Customers see the top questions overall or by topic. This prioritization is based on visitor behavior and makes finding the most important and relevant information easy.

· Proactive recommendations of follow-up questions. Within every answer, customers will be offered relevant follow-up questions, again based upon the usage of the site.

· Flexible natural-language search. Customers will be able to ask questions in the style most comfortable to them and search by keyword, phrase or complete questions.

· Personalized responses to new questions. After performing a search, a patron has the option to escalate a new question via e-mail to Direct Checks Unlimited. Broad Mind's workflow manager automatically routes these new inquiries to the appropriate expert and delivers the personalized response to the customer. In addition, Broad Mind automatically publishes the new question to the Web in the correct category and topic, and indexes it in the company's search engine, so that subsequent visitors can have instant access to the same information.

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