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Datran upgrades e-mail tool to support incremental revenue

Digital marketing technology provider Datran Media is rolling out its first cloud-based version of StormPost this week to clients including The Washington Times and MediaNews Group. The platform’s fifth release automates the process of selling banner advertising within newsletters as well as improves the audience metric reporting due to client requests.

“We have had a great demand for intelligent targeting, reporting and monetization capabilities,” said Tony D’Anna, GM of the StormPost business line at Datran Media, in an e-mail to DMNews. He added that the cloud-computing technology made it possible for the software to increase its scalability.

“It is also no surprise that publishers are currently in dire need for online monetization capabilities as their offline channels diminish and in some cases die,” D’Anna said. Publishers were a “key vertical within [Datran’s] client base,” he said.

Other important client groups for the company are ad-supported media companies and retailers, according to D’Anna.

“One of the most powerful and in-demand uses of StormPost today is by retailers who depend on the same intelligent reporting capabilities that other vertical users seek in order to re-activate or ‘win back’ high percentages of their customer bases that have been dormant for quite some time,” he said.

Chuck DeFeo, general manager of interactive and social media for Washington Times, said in a company statement that he anticipated positive results from the new e-mail tool. “We have been pleased with the business value that StormPost has helped us drive since we adopted the platform… In today’s publishing environment, optimizing performance while reducing costs is imperative.”

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