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Daily Business Review aims younger with streamlined paper

Incisive Media’s Daily Business Review has relaunched in an attempt to keep renewal numbers high and attract more mid-level employees as readers.

The new Daily Business Review has introduced a “time-saving format” to its 32,000 readers — law, real estate and finance professionals in Florida. Specific changes include extra charts and graphs, added briefs and profiles and an expanded front page index, all intended to break up the news into easier-to-read chunks. The Tribune Co. launched redesigns following a similar pattern — bite-size news and more colorful pages — to mixed reviews in 2008.

“The objectives here are to improve or maintain our already spectacular renewal rate of close to 80%, but we understand that there are decisions being made by people about expense reduction,” said Chris Mobley, group publisher for Daily Business Review. “We don’t’ want to be a reduction, so we need to make sure our content is valuable and make sure we put no obstacle in the way of that content.

“With the Internet and people developing a speed-reading habit, we felt the print product needed to take advantage of that. We want to attract new readers as well as keeping current ones, and I think this look will appeal more to a younger reader.”

The average reader for Daily Business Review is 55-60 years old currently, but Mobley said the redesign should appeal to younger people who need the information in the paper to move up in their careers.

A multichannel push, including print and Web ads and direct mail, will promote the redesigned paper. It also held a launch party in Miami.

Next up for Daily Business Review is a Web site revamp. The site has had the same look for nearly a decade, though it has added content, blogs and other 2.0 tools. It averages 40,000 unique visitors and 230,000 page views a month.

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